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Monday, September 7, 2009


බඩගින්න මගේ නොව අනුන් ගෙය
පාන් පොත්තකට ඇස් අයාගෙන
හඬන දස දහසක ගෙ බඩගින්න
මට මැවුණි, මට දැනිණි

මගේ වෑයම ඔවුන් කුස ගිනිත් නිවා ගෙන
සුගත් ගෞතම මුනිදු දෙසූ බණවර අසන
මනසකුත් ඔවුන් හට දන් දෙමින
ඔවුන් සමගම එකම සද්ධර්ම මඩුල්ලක
මෙතේ මහ මුනිදුගෙන් බණ අසා
දකින්නයි, සදා කාලික නිවන!

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  1. කලාව ... ආනන්දයෙන් ප්‍රඤාවට ....

    the men and women who are suffering from poverty could not wait till they realise an eternal truth to overcome hardships of the lives .before that they need something tangible which makes some positive changes in thir lives . And it is an injustice to analysise poverty from a religiouse perspective which is very relative . infact religione is one social institution which entrench some social discrimations towards men and women . It will become a root cause of poverty . Also non of us can practice the original doctrine of any religion . every religione is more or less misinterpreted for the benefit of certain category of peole through out the history . it is a responsibility of a creative writer to raise his /her voice on such social issues from a critical point of view . it may not be the most popular view . but still it is important to have that voice .... this is why Bharatha Muni must said " Kalaawa Anandayen Arambi , Pragnaawen kelawara wiya yuthuya "

    September 8, 2009 12:31 PM